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TOMY International is global provider of  innovative, high-quality toys and nursery products. Working closely with an internal team of developers, IT specialists, and brand managers, we reimagined the TOMY employee portal as a powerful tool to connect team members, share resources, and celebrate accomplishments.


Our client initially tasked us with:

  1. Update the design of company intranet for TOMY employees across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.
  2. Build employee connection and engagement. Improve team section, and cross-team engagement.
  3. Add robust functionality that will bring users back.

Initial Discovery

Gathering user data

We conducted an audit of the current TOMY intranet portal to look for opportunities or spaces to potentially meet the project goals. We conducted informal internal digital surveys to employees of all levels across the organization to gain insight on any pain points or issues.

Key Research Insights

Our main takeaways were the current portal lacked intuitive navigation and ease of use. Users found it difficult to locate items and to upload/share documents with team members. Another challenge was filtering the visibility of posts of users by region, teams, and groups they were members of.

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Our initial design strategy was to create a user interface more in line with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, as well as incorporate elements and features found in collaboration tools like google drive, and slack. An interface that TOMY employees are more familiar with and comfortable using.

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Refining ideas

Next we created a mood board with elements and colors. Then applied those to more detailed wireframes to get more detail.

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Further refinement

After meeting with the team and talking to members across departments. Received feedback on these areas

Items of focus:

  1. Uploading files should be a high priority item
  2. Adding a post section
  3. Featured news and user driven news
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Updated team section and employee profile

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